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Catering Services
Catering Menu
Food Item Small Tray
(Aprox. 15 people)
Large Tray
(Aprox. 30 people)
Rice or Bean 17.50 35.00
Green Salad 10.00 20.00
Chile Verde 40.00 80.00
Chile Colorado 40.00 80.00
Beef 40.00 80.00
Birria 45.00 90.00
Steak Ranchero 40.00 80.00
Chicken 40.00 80.00
Chicken Mole 40.00 80.00
Carne Asada 60.00 120.00
Carnitas 55.00 110.00
Steak Fajita 42.50 85.00
Chicken Fajita 40.00 80.00
Fajita Combination 42.50 85.00
More Catering Food Items
Food Item Price in $USD
Sour Cream (32 oz.) 9.00
Guacamole (32 oz.) 15.00
Plain Tamales (12 count) 20.00
Tamales w/Salsa & Cheese (12 count) 25.00
Chicken or Beef Burito (12 or more) 4.75 ea
Chicken or Beef Tacos (12 or more) 2.00 ea
Steak Tacos w/Guacamole (12 or more) 2.50 ea
Pork Tacos (12 or more) 2.25 ea
Flautas (by pairs, 12 or more) 3.00 ea pair
Chiken or Beef Enchiladas (12 or more) 2.50 ea
Steak or Pork Enchiladas (12 or more) 2.60 ea
Chiles Rellenos (12 or more) 3.00 ea
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 Rice & Beans
 Green Salad
 Chile Verde
 Chile Colorado
 Steak Ranchero
 Chicken Mole
 Carne Asada
 Steak Fajita
 Chicken Fajita
Tacos, Burrito, Tamales and more (Type in Qty decided):
SourCream(32 oz.)
Beef Tacos
Pork Tacos
Beef Enchiladas
Chiles Rellenos
Guacamole(32 oz.)
Beef Burritos
Chicken Tacos
Steak Enchiladas
Chicken Burritos
Steak w/Guacamole Tacos
Chicken Enchiladas
Pork Enchiladas
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